Want to transform text to information?

A lot of valuable information is stored in unstructured text and is therefore hard to access and use. Examples are technical specifications, legal texts, news articles or social media.

What do we offer?

We help you with consulting, specialized development services and our set of analysis tools. Depending on your need we can set you on the right track or develop a full solution for you. Often our tools already go a long way to reach your goal.

Why Qualicen?

For years we have been experts in analyzing large bodies of texts. Within our Scout toolsuite we offer different types of text analyses especially for requirements and testing documents. Now we offer our text-analytics knowledge to solve your problems, as well.

Software Development

Qualicen offers you development services specifically tailored for text-analytics projects. Apart from our expert teams, we leverage our in-house tooling to deliver your text-analytics application fast and with consistently high quality.

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Tool Selection & Customization

You have a text-analytics problem and do not know how to solve it? You don’t see through the jungle of natural language processing technology? You have a hard time choosing tools and platforms? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our experts will get you on track with state-of-the art knowledge and an overview over methods, technology and tools.

What we think:

Natural Language Processing: Timeline Extraction with Regexes and spaCy

New text is generated in a mindblowing speed today. Think about news articles, social media messages, reports, e-mails etc. However,...
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Natural Language Processing: Timeline Extraction with Regexes and spaCy

Detecting Cause-Effect Relations in Natural Language

Anyone who has used a recent version of Specmate might has already seen an amazing new feature. In the overview...
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Detecting Cause-Effect Relations in Natural Language

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